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Thursday, September 22, 2011

the silent footprints of mine..

''have u heard something new abt habits...??

Good habits are stolen but the bad one are still there waiting for a guy who was always against of advises...''
''I hate exposition bkz it reveals the mystery..
hidden treasures-exotic love-occult feelings all are much beautiful to be enjoyed.''
 ''I am learning 'french' thesedays only bkz i want to make 'other languages' jealous..''
''a friend is an alive instrument which is made by god to tease hence we are happy or not..!'''''''
''whats the love?
a feeling of two smiles nd lots of tears''
''just be happy u will get everything around u is happy..
thats the miracle of happy life..!''
''I asked one of my frnds why he lives..
HE worried...nd then smiled nd run away..!''
''sometimes we must smile for ourselves to feel that we are happy with  our soul..''
''If I were god I wud paste two horns on every single politician's head nd a tiny tail, a little above frm their fat bumps..''
''the first nd the last creations of god are a politician nd a donkey...he made a mistake with them he forgot to put the brains in their head..''
''Hell is unjustified place for those persons who were silent in their whole life...''
''teaching is an art..
only few teachers know how to use it in the class room where every single disciple has his own way to learn...
I usually accelerate their way of learning as they wish..''
''stupid questions are those which hav been thought after giving their answer...''
 ''if god is omnipresent then what kind of god it is when people cheat-get anger-kill others?''
'Retaliation' , I HATE THIS WORD when it turns into "Aggravation"...
I hate politics also bkz its the result of aggravation.''
''a friend is just a ballpoint pen what u write in exams is always right..u'll get full marks.''
''I LIKE THOSE FRNDS MOST WHO always mistake to write the correct spelling of "break with"..
 "A friend's anger must be enjoyed untill he lifts a stone"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My harmful thoughts...often I think.!

what will u do if u find a ghost sitting on yor chest at mid night..??

''if it will be with me then i'll slap him badly bkz he might be with dirty slipper on my bed..''
''I love ghosts bkz they never tell a lie...
I hate them also bkz they always tell the truth...''
''warning for my frnds...

a plenty of nude ghosts will be alive if u die...
so plz be alive..
lets make people to hate the death..''.
''in schools we teach bastard ghosts how to celebrate the happy birth day of books..!!!''
''DOnt waste yor time to know who u are..
if u want to know abt yorself seriously then remove the make-up of self-bargaining first.''
''to teach what we dont know is like to b seated in a boat aftr closing our eyes...
dont know where the river will rurn nd we will b in the bushes under the boat...''
''college a place where fat people lead... broken ringing bell hangs in their throat to warn the poor thin stdnts..''

''extra ordinary people are always crazy to deceive themselves.''.

''a rat without its tail never can say what happened with its tail?''

 ''Zindagi mein haste raho, jiyo, khush raho kyunki kya pata - kal aage ke do daant ho na ho!''
 ''if darwin comes back he'll definitely go on fasting bkz of his self principles..''
 ''An exam is a white beard devil for every single disciple just like me, I hate exams but after completing them.....''
''reading newspapers is just like to befool self knowingly..thats why I hate to read them...''
''what the frnd is..
a person of bad habits but we ignore all of them...
nd similarly
an enemy is a person of gud habits..
still we ignore all of them...''
''we must take care our bad habits...without them we can't recognize what the good habits are..''
''Have u noticed why the people of india is so crazy abt love?
bkz of they don't know how to hate..''
''isn't it funny to have a bath in the river where many fishes visit to see who entered in their mudy kingdom.!''

''love is a coal for me nd i always use it to write on wall''nothing is better than love''

'' i never accept thanks given by those persons who say''no'' before ''thanks''

''fruits are not bad in taste even when a monkey doesnt throw it upon your head...''

"hate me if u can if not then let me love uuuu..."
I never can change my behavior what i m...its my attitude...
its ma way to enjoy ma life happily..!
so frnds have some fun whenever u wanna smile...!''
'' sharp knives are always used to cut the green mangoes.. if your are a mango i m happy to be a knife...''
''i hate dogs when they bark at themselves...have u heard them ..?''

 ''claps are responsible for victory so never ignore them while performing...''

 ''a rose can make u feel just like a royal king beaten in a war when u really love someone who is infront of u to say ''sorry! i dont love u.''

'' i have some stupid toys who play with me.''

 ''stupid questions always hav some brilliant answers''

 ''schools make a child intelligent nd colleges use their intelligency to make thems stupid..!!''
''love-birds tweet when dey com closer to lov each other a rosy fragrance proves their existence,nd the shining climate catch their heart beats''
''facebook is a better place for those person who really need some pipes to make the tail straight of a puppy  nd tweeter 4 those who wanna clap 4 them''

''some lessons published in physics books make us to hate the lectures only bkz they teach us physics..hence they re innocent.''

''Trees nd plants are suffering frm cold.. no one is interested to provide them medicine..''

Tuesday, a day of using words with harsh meaning..turn aside nd take them positively.

''making noise is a great idea to make people to listen you,,,,''

''A funny frog can eat a rabbit...''

 ''clouds are dirty nd full of frogs.. in rainy season we can prove it..

''newton's forth rule of motion.. sorry but its abt a lame doggy.. previous three rules are exceptions of it.''

''whenever I go to visit a wild zoo automaticaly POLITICIANS come in my mind..''

''politics is just what we ignore to play in our family..''

''I never put my nose btween two fingers..its the task for gals let them do..''

''I can MAKE2 feel u happy but sadness is also gud 2 BE enjoyED..''

''if u really want see the kingdom of lord go to the schools nd play with children..''

''gnomes are said by the people who dont follow them..''

''whenever God feels sadness  he starts to read the story-books written by teachers..''

''teachers are always respected by those people who are on right-way of life..''

''if teachers were trees I would like to water them always whenever I felt thirsty..''

''I may change my mind if there is no change in your mind...''

''I can play chess if there is no drunk elephant on the ground...''

''my first interview had been over by a slap on the cheek of a man who was eager to ask me the question why we people are so crazy?....''

''one who said ''barking dogs never bite'' had been bite thrice by the dogs silently...''

''somebody may say what he doesn't know abt you but before it he will be absolutely so confused what to say...!!!''

''a sword can make u remember the bloody history but it is possible that it was not used in any war to make the history....''

''an untrained doctors nd their treatments are like a falling star u may wish but ur not sure your wish will be fulfill or not...???''

a rose in red colour may draw you toward the kingdom of love but it may also warn you why it is red...!!!''

a plant of new buds is loved by everybody..''

"u are in safe hands.." it may be true untill a doctor gets angry.. so whenever I go to hospitals I leave my bad habits out of the door.''

''black boards teach us white words.. how funny it is..! blacks never do anything without help of whites..''

''if I permitted to jump frm the top of the qutub minar..I would like to jump upon the drawings of M.F.Hussain...''

''history nd geography are two sisters....they always send many students in the hospitals or in jails..''

''God made donkeys only for the one ultimate reason... to humiliate the politicians...''

half minded persons always consider themselves as the king of kings without any courtiers...thats called ''politicians nature''...''

''did you think why indian history is so famous...??? bkz it has bloody wars fought with kin stones more than love stories of so called kings.''

''I go to zim everyday early morning to save my face frm the bucket of cold water thrown by my mom....''

''if love will be sold in the market I will be happy to be the shopkeeper....''

''when I was in fourth standard I used to throw my text books in dustbin for the children of dust-collectors near my school..''

''cat may roar if lion permit him...''

I would like to leave myself in the cage of hungry tigers with lots of love..''

''if darwin comes back in the wrld he'll go on fasting first bkz of his self principles. that would be d last exception of his own principle.''

''I think 95% people in d world dont know how to say "Gud bye" to anyone bkz "bye" is never "Gud" if it is said without a charming smile..''

''Go against your wish u will find more than u wish..''

''a door without any lock always invites thieves who hate to steal ornaments.''

''Its my accendible stanch at overmodest people that they can't blemish their faith for argie-bargle..''

''let the students be learned themselves. self learning is more better than teaching without knowing their interests..''

''guess the answer when u r unable to understand the question.. if you get it then remove the quest. nd change it according yor answer..''

''drums are dumb if it will not be hit hard by the stick...''

''schools are controlled by the ringing bells not by the principals..''

I enjoy my own Quotations ...

"GOD gave the idea of slapping to us bkz he couldn't slap himself after creating a man.."
''THE SHORTEST philosophy of my BIGGEST LIFE..
"I live as I am"
''the first condition of love is "losing"
"children are the most eligible bachelor"
''my sadness also makes me happy if I truly wish to be happy..''
"..I creat problems to enjoy myself bkz its the better way to find out the varnished solutions..."
"..I'm always right if I don't laugh after my words.."
"always u'll get positive result if u minus the numbers of happy women from the numbers of happy men." it means men are more happy than women.!
whats the cause? bkz they make women unhappy to get the positive result..''
"great men always go wrong in love bkz great women push them to go"
"sometimes I think why should I think"
''one thing that u must remember when u gonna love someone madly..
"bhikariyo jesi halat hone wali hai"
''I 'praise my spiritual GURU ' OSHO whenever he puts himself silent...
I 'like' him
whenever he brakes his silence...
I 'love' him
whenever he hate to say that we all are hungry KIDS of thirsty GOD..''

"just do it or leave it"

mostly this tag line is used by the people who really want to 'leave'..''
''I hate to ring the temple bell bkz it wakes up the god nobody knows, whether he has completed his sleep or not?
if he has been disturbed curses will b ready to make u run away...''
''last nyte shakespeare came to me in my dream nd said-"I FORGOT ALL MY POEMS"
''smile is always true though lips may lie..''
''I meet wid my frnds as an accident..
mukke-laat sab jayaz..
kabhi kabhi to nukile patthar bhi jeb me rakh k jata hoo..''
''most of my games are played in courtyard within a fortified castle..''
''If I were a tiger I would apply to get the patent on my biscuits nd balm.''
''thesedays I cross running splashy rivers nd find many poor people there with their half nude body to have a cold bath without any soap..they jump..they play..nd some get anwilling death..!''
''whenever I eat bananas I collect their skins nd throw it on the road near a city-hospital to watch how many people are blind having sparkling eyes...
after this bones-breaking experiment I have a conclusion "some peoples who has eyes are blind"
''One of my former teachers had a habit of smoking..
he often said "it may harm yor health" while smoking infront of us..
but the most amazing thing is he alives yet with good health..
now he is 81 years old nd "dug-dug hukka" is used by him.''
''I HAd 5 elephants-8 horses-9 dogs-7jackals-1 pithon nd 3 parrots in my childhood...
"par affsosh.! sab khilone the"
''bachapan ka ek hadsa jisse sab guzar chuke hai..


musibat aane par agale ki aankho me dhool fenk k bhag jana"
''students should be free when they have nothing to do..otherwise they can announce a freedom-war against u..''
''I have a rough stone in my hand..wanna throw it towards u..
its a game...dont try to catch it let it go on yor forehead..i promise yu will enjoy it with a great bloody taste..!''
''SOME OF my frnds suffer frm head-ache..
nd I always suggest them to go to the TEMPLE to ring the temple-bell loudly infront of their ears..''
''how w'll u manage yor breath system if yor nose disappears..
isn't it hard?
every single gais will enter nd disturb yor lungs..''
''How funny it is if yor disciples enter with a pen without any text books into the class room..!''
''fools are the most intelligent people in this world thesedays..they have a lot of nonsense that disturbs when they gonna think abt intelligency.''
''my frnds are just like dustbin..
they all are used to clean my dirty mind..!''
''pandits are here to purify the dharma..
i think they are crazy people..!
they know everything but we dont kno why they have a long flying hairy "choti" on their shining nude head..''
"I am stranger for myself..."
''English alphabets are so innocent that can be mis-spelled easily if we think as hindi-alphabets..''
''every single exam-paper was published wid out of course syllabus when i was reading in 4th standard..!''
'' I wud lyke to pull the tail of the lion who really want to make me break-fast..!''
'' Black boards are made by black ghosts who didn't know abt cosmatic creams..''
''during exams I always prepared myself to be funny wid examiners..
I put some lolypops in my pocket that would b tasted by him aftr checking...''
''hammers are gud to hit..our cricket players must be provided..
so that they can hit each other after this eng-ind. series..!''
''Last nyte I saw a dream of a monk he was dancing without wearing clothes on his body yet he was not nude..bkz there was his "langot" around his head..''
''I wud like to hang a big bell around your neck but i think how much the bell will feel terrible pain..hooonh!''
''Learning is a slow process...thats why we all are on country roads...having a punctured bicycle..''
''I have seen many sadhus of diffrent kinds..
but there is one common thing among them is "they hate real GOD"
''I love the MISTAKES..!
"done by others"
''There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in love...''
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