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Thursday, September 22, 2011

the silent footprints of mine..

''have u heard something new abt habits...??

Good habits are stolen but the bad one are still there waiting for a guy who was always against of advises...''
''I hate exposition bkz it reveals the mystery..
hidden treasures-exotic love-occult feelings all are much beautiful to be enjoyed.''
 ''I am learning 'french' thesedays only bkz i want to make 'other languages' jealous..''
''a friend is an alive instrument which is made by god to tease hence we are happy or not..!'''''''
''whats the love?
a feeling of two smiles nd lots of tears''
''just be happy u will get everything around u is happy..
thats the miracle of happy life..!''
''I asked one of my frnds why he lives..
HE worried...nd then smiled nd run away..!''
''sometimes we must smile for ourselves to feel that we are happy with  our soul..''
''If I were god I wud paste two horns on every single politician's head nd a tiny tail, a little above frm their fat bumps..''
''the first nd the last creations of god are a politician nd a donkey...he made a mistake with them he forgot to put the brains in their head..''
''Hell is unjustified place for those persons who were silent in their whole life...''
''teaching is an art..
only few teachers know how to use it in the class room where every single disciple has his own way to learn...
I usually accelerate their way of learning as they wish..''
''stupid questions are those which hav been thought after giving their answer...''
 ''if god is omnipresent then what kind of god it is when people cheat-get anger-kill others?''
'Retaliation' , I HATE THIS WORD when it turns into "Aggravation"...
I hate politics also bkz its the result of aggravation.''
''a friend is just a ballpoint pen what u write in exams is always right..u'll get full marks.''
''I LIKE THOSE FRNDS MOST WHO always mistake to write the correct spelling of "break with"..
 "A friend's anger must be enjoyed untill he lifts a stone"


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