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Monday, December 26, 2011

My short quotes...

‎'' laugh is the ultimate solution of all problems''

‎'' just think what u can do''

‎''just be silent if there are alots of people to make sound''

‎''I can only what I can think''

‎''life may give you so many question marks...after getting change them into full stop abruptly''

''Dirt may dim your sight but never can make you blind...be positive.''

‎"faith is the first door of love but unfortunately it is closed"

‎"love may harm yor health so beware of it"

"time is a gud teacher if we really admit in its school"

‎''true minds have true dreams...that need a little effort to be done.''

''I can prove myself right if u are right..''

''Maintain yor happiness forever...!

If u cant then maintain yorself to ignore wht yor mind says..''

''never mind what you think...mind what you going to tell....''

‎''I break my rules after getting results...''

''I never aswer those questions which can be answered by anybody...!!!''

''I never try how to be sad...!!!''


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